Customer Multiple Recording

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This function is used to get recording link of multiple (bulk) calls

Use Case:

When CRM / Business application needs to fetch recording of multiple calls, either for playback or analytic purpose, this method can return URL of multiple calls.

User Input Parameters:

NodeM/OData type sizeValueDescription
methodMTextcustomer_multiple_recordingsUnique Command for JSON Request. (This method value will not be changed)
apikeyMTexttest_orgUnique key assigned to an organisation. (This API key will change per client organisation)
servicekeyMTextVoiceProcessUnique key map to the process. (This service key will change per client process)
sessionidOInteger8Session call list ID
systemcallidsMText{ 140912183554281005, 1809121835543434 3, 1709121835542810 34534 }Array of Unique value of Systemcallid. (dynamic value generated at the time of calls dialed to the user)
reqdatetimeMText2018-11-12 14:00:05Date and Time of the request. (Date format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss)

Output Parameters:

methodcustomer_multiple_recordingsUnique Command for JSON Response
resdatetime2018-11-12 14:00:05Date and Time of the response. (Date format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss)
status3Refer the status parameter table
statusdescsuccessstatus parameter description
revisionno1Functionality revision no

Return Value:

This API returns in one format I.e. JSON format.

Customer multiple recording JSON Request

					{ "method":"customer_multiple_recordings",
 "systemcallids":[ "180717171728015031", "180719161420031002" ], "reqdatetime":"2018-11-12 14:00:05"

Customer recording JSON Response

					{ "method":"customer_multiple_recordings",
"resdatetime":"2018-12-18 12:39:05",

" 031_1001_1500_1_2500_1728015.MP3"
 "statusdesc":"Data not found",
"recordingfilepath":"" }

Status info for Recording Module

StatusStatus Description
2Wrong format of received request
62Session ID not found
63systemcallid not found
65systemcallid found blank
66Invalid sessionid
1111Error while processing data