Delete user

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This function is used to delete users in Jodo.
Whenever user is deleted in external business application, the application must invoke this API to execute same action in Jodo platform.

Use Case:

When users are deleted in business applications – they will be automatically deleted in Jodo Platform as well.

User Input Parameters:

NodeM/OData type sizeValueDescription
methodMTextdeleteUserUnique Command for JSON Request. (This method value cannot be changed)
apikeyMTexttest_orgUnique key map to an organisation. (This API key will change per client organisation)
loginidMTextuser12@avhan.comEmail id of user. (needs valid email ID)
reqdatetimeMText2018-11-12 14:00:05Date and Time of the request. (Date format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss)

Output Parameters:

methoddeleteUserUnique Command for JSON Response
resdatetime2018-11-12 14:00:05Date and Time of the response. (Date format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss)
status3Refer the status parameter table
statusdescsuccessstatus parameter description
revisionno1Functionality revision number

Return Value:

This API returns in one format I.e. JSON format.

Delete user JSON Request

"reqdatetime": "2018-11-12 14:00:05"

Delete User JSON Response

"resdatetime":"2018-11-12 14:00:05"

Delete User JSON Fail Response

"resdatetime":"2018-11-12 14:00:05"

Status Code Information

StatusStatus Description
406loginID not found
407loginID is blank
408loginID is invalid
418loginid not exists
461Client login ID does not exists