Jodo Reports

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Jodo provides 3 standard comprehensive historical reports of the meetings conducted. Reports provide statistical insights in the meetings.

  • Jodo Virtual office – It will provide you reports of conversation.
  • Meeting Participant Summary – It will provide you participant’s summary report.
  • Meeting Participant Details – It will provide you participant detail’s report.


Note: These reports are accessible only to the admin / team lead with access rights to the reports module.

Generate Report:

Choose the report that you wish to extract. Select the date range for which you need the details


You need to input the email address to which you wish to send the report, and you also have the option to select the file format.


The report generator offers you the choice to generate a report either immediately / on-demand or schedule it for later.


If you choose to schedule a report, you need to provide the Schedule Name and Occurrence, which offers four options: 1. Hourly 2. Daily 3. Weekly 4. Monthly Additionally, you must specify the schedule date and time.

Scheduled reports:

You can see all the scheduled reports in the scheduled report section.

Generated report:

You can see all the generated reports as per the selected date range.