Create or Edit Team(Only for Teams):

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The admin can create or edit teams by clicking on the ‘Team’ tab.

Jodo services setting > Configure > Team

Create a team:

The administrator can initiate the creation of a new team by clicking on the highlighted tab. (For quick configuration, you may use the preset default team tab)

Team creation consist of 3 steps:

  1. Creating a Team: (Please ensure that you have created at least one user first)

         Begin by giving your team a team name and a URL.


Next you need to choose a theme. A theme is a standard page layout that is generated when the URL is created.  

      2. Configure Team:

       The next step is to set up the theme for the team page.

There are three themes:

Theme 1:

In theme 1, you have the ability to provide a link, a message, and a button along with its redirect link for the content you wish to display on your link interface.



If you want to see how the theme has been applied and view the interface, click on the ‘eye’ icon.

Link appearance:


Theme 2:

In Theme 2, you can specify a title for the page along with the link you wish to display in your link interface.

Link appearance:

Theme 3:

In Theme 3, you have the option to add three links, each accompanied by a message of your choice to display on your link web page.

Link appearance:

If you want to see how theme is applied to the Jodo link, you can view it by clicking on eye icon.

You can share Jodo team link by just clicking on highlighted share icon.


You can generate the QR code for your Jodo team.

Fill up the relevant boxes with appropriate information.

3.Team Selection:

The last step in the process is to map team members to the team. This is done by selecting the members from the active users list.


You can activate the team by simply clicking on it. Activating the team puts both the link and the users in an active state.