Client Information Form / CRM

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To access CRM  you need to log in with your credentials and navigate to the “toolbar” section, which will redirect you to the welcome page. From there, proceed to “Jodo Services Setting” and click on “configure.” This will lead you to Module Page, select the “Client Information Form/CRM” card.

Inside this, you’ll find “Form” and “Business Script” tabs where you can customize the appearance and language of the customer form and business script.

Choose your preferred language for both tabs.

To add text fields to the customer form, click on the desired field from the right-hand corner and then save. If you want to preview the form you can click on save & preview.

Editing options include changing the label name, adjusting the length, and making fields required.

Use the “move” button to reposition fields.

And the toggle button to enable or disable the fields.

Once satisfied with the form, click on “save” button to  save your changes. For a preview of your CRM, click on “Save and Preview,” which will save changes and display the preview in the Cal guide tab.

In the “Business Script” tab, you have the option to choose the language. You can set the Business Title, Subtitle, and Text Fields such as “Number,” “First Name,” “Last Name,” etc.

Additionally, you can manually type any desired information about the business into the script. After making changes, click on the “Save” button to save all modifications. You can also click on the “Save and Preview” button to preview your Customer Form.