Migrating your Contact Center operations to the Cloud

Author: anand awasthi 1306 views

The Cloud (PaaS/SaaS) is fast becoming a standard for distributed software, services, and tools. Methods of deployment can be as simple as a one-time log-in for services, connecting services to resources around the globe. A more daunting prospect is migrating existing services to the Cloud – especially with a Contact Center. Here are a few helpful pointers if you are considering a move to the Cloud;

Legacy Equipment; many enterprises operate with legacy systems, which have run (quietly and efficiently) in the background for perhaps decades. Even a local PBX (telephony switch) or desk-side telephones present a challenge. Planning a migration needs to include a period of parallel operations to ensure that equipment that is being phased out has been adequately replaced by Cloud services.

Legacy Providers; alongside older equipment will be service and maintenance providers. An integral part of migration must include negotiations that encompass those providers – usually through a drawdown process. You may actually find the provider also has a Cloud offering – so it may make sense to “stick with what you know”!

Like-for-Like Operations; applying your business wants and needs to an existing Cloud vendor service means having to define all of those aspects. Larger enterprises invoke a process when tendering for new services, known as “RF” (RFP, RFI, etc.) The same processes come in handy when looking for the right Cloud services. Defining and scaling requirements also gives you a greater insight into what services you have, what services you need – and which ones you don’t!

We’ve covered a little about processes and technologies – but don’t forget about your people! New Cloud methods and technologies will bring changes to your workforce and they will need to be (re-)trained. A good rule of thumb is to take a look at your business wants and needs (see the RF process, above) – and include your resources and workforce.

Migrations to the Cloud needn’t be a daunting prospect – even for a larger enterprise. The fun is all in the planning!