Jodo C3 FAQ

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Social media was ideally meant to interact with your known ones who reside on the other side of the globe social media started chat and voice option long back but looking at its increasing popularity, social media is now used for business and marketing too. From the marketing perspective, it has still not advanced to a level where voice and video calling can be initiated. Through Jodo you can enable this option on social media pages and also keep a track of your leads.

Read notification is a part of the email outbound process where an agent will get notified that the customer has read the email.

Yes, Jodo by default offers 24X7 support for P1 issues, if a customer wants to opt for 24×7 support for another severity level he can connect with the account manager.

The Jodo Toolbar is a browser base module for a user interface that integrates all communications channels including voice, video, and chat. It allows you to interoperate from one media to the other during a single session. Its design is contextual and responsive, making it extremely user-friendly.