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Easy Installation:

Ready scripts for developers to use with HTML / PHP / WordPress platforms. The Jodo Live chat/call button can be set to appear as per your design requirements , by default it will appear at the right bottom of your website’s page upon integration of this script.


Jodowidget supports multiple Indian as well as well known global languages and allows to communicate with predefined UI language. It is easy to add new languages.

Multiple devices supported:

Jodowidget supports different UI form-factors like mobile / desktop / full screen layout options as required for integration.

Sharing data while on call:

Using Jodo “Documentpush” and to share images, audio or video files and documents while on call. You and your customers could even annotate on the same data and save it for references.

Communication Transcript :

Customer can request the communication transcript on mail after completion of conversation with agent and if there is communication with voice channel the recording of voice communication can also be retrieved from transcript mail.

Callback Functionality:

Customer can request callback in case of non working hours or available agent is busy on another call or no agent is available to receive a call. An appropriate message will be populated on customers screen for such scenarios with configurable form fields to set callback.

Reconnect Functionality:

If the media connectivity for voice or video is dropped due to inconsistent network strength or other network issues. The customer can resume the voice or video session with same active agent.

Bandwidth wise fallback mechanism:

If there is network issue while video call or there is poor bandwidth for video session to continue, the video session will end and voice session will continue.
If there is network issue while voice call or there is poor bandwidth for voice session to continue, the voice session will end and chat session will continue. User can reconnect the voice / video media after having enough bandwidth for voice / video and it is indicated by bandwidth indicator.