Jodo Widget Integration in Websites

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Adding jodo Widgets into existing websites , ecommerce, marketplaces, mobile apps sites a enables the ability to start LIVE Jodo Digital communications or phone communication capabilities. Global Customers in websites, stores, marketplaces can be served direct communications within the software apps / pages.

This document explains various methods of integration offered by Jodo widget API to achieve integration with existing website platforms.

 Steps to follow for Jodo Widget integration with:

1. HTML pages and apps are here

2. WordPress/WooCommerce platforms are here

3. Mobile apps are here

4. Dhrupal CMS are here

Jodo Widgets offer multiple functionalities that can be enabled /disabled as per business and Cx requirements of your business, please study the same here and define jodo Widget CX delivery in your website/stores etc.

Pre-requisites for using Jodo Widget functionalities are :

Jodo Widgets are authenticated via Jodo World Cloud and you need to have a trial or subscription account in Jodo World Cloud. Kindly register for Trial or Subscription account here. If you have received trial account details from an Avhan executive or Avhan authorized partner, then you can use the same in the authentication step for Jodo Widget integration.

Before enabling JodoWidget in any software app please ensure that you have created users for handling customers and setup the working hours and non-working hours options.