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Jodo virtual business room(V.B.R.) is Jodo’s cloud multiparty video conferencing solution. It is an effective tool to give live product demos and convert customer inquiries into real-time sales.

Jodo V.B.R. allows an agent to set up a meeting between a customer and an expert Sales Associate.
The meeting is set up from the Jodo meet option.

Jodo V.B.R. allows an agent to set up a meeting between a customer and an expert Sales Associate. The quick setup helps resolve customer queries in real-time facilitating immediate conversions of leads.

The Jodo Toolbar is a browser base module for a user interface that integrates all communications channels including voice, video, and chat. It allows you to interoperate form  one media to the other during a single session. Its design is contextual and responsive, making it extremely user-friendly.

The meeting is set up via the Jodo VO option in the Jodo toolbar.

Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari

Customers can join  from any smart device like mobile, laptop, Tablet, etc

The invite could also be shared via Email, WhatsApp, or other social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedln.

The agent can view and access the meeting from the Jodo toolbar in the jodo VO section.

Voice requires 88 kbps steady throughput and Video needs 384 kbps per session.

Jodo is a cloud platform.
OS: Linux & Window
Media Server: Asterisk, Aculab
Database: MySQL Server

Jodo Cloud has pre-built compliance built it based on the regions/states requirement. (It supports OFCOM/FCC/GDPR/TRAI regulations)

Jodo is a fully secured platform and all transactions are passed over an HTTPS protocol. Jodo encrypts critical information while storing it in the database eg. Password, credit card information, Identification cards information, etc. Jodo already has VAPT Tests being done.

Jodo supports many Indian and foreign languages. Currently, 19 languages are included of which 4 are foreign languages: These are French, Spanish, Arabic & Mandarin

All recordings are stored in Jodo Cloud. Recordings will be stored for 30 days

The default time for data storage is 30 days

This is in the product roadmap, but currently, this does not exist.

The user can store the documents on their machine in any folder

Yes, Jodo by default offers 24X7 support for P1 issues, if a customer wants to opt for 24×7 support for other severity level he can connect with the account manager.

Clicking on the “+”(Add) button in the above screen of Jodo Meet will open a page for scheduling quick and future meetings. it will ask for details about the meeting like meeting name, attendee list, etc.

The meeting link is shared with the customer via social media like Whats app, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or the link can be copied and shared with the customer personally. To join the meeting one needs to hit the link provided with their registered email and Name.

In the meeting type section, click on the Schedule button, then will ask for details about the meeting like meeting name, and attendee list. Once all the information is filled the meeting can be scheduled

After the meeting link is shared with the customer, it will be added to their calendar. The “Calendar” screen will have the meeting names as per dates and the agent can view the details of the meeting by clicking on it.

While the customer joins the meeting, your device will ask for permission to access the camera.

The mobile user has multiple cameras so they get two options to join: front camera and back camera. You can choose the camera option according to your requirement.

Jodo Meet provides the option to share your screen if the Agent wants their customer to share the screen then he/she can make them the presentor. 

The attachment pin provided in the chat session allows sharing any file/ documents from your machine.

The dashboard provides statistics on the meetings like-Active, Deleted, Recording Ready