Add Web App in Container

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This method is used to integrate CRM Application when source code of CRM Application is not available Or When CRM application needs entire page refresh for every user action. In such cases, a container page can be developed, that loads CRM in IFRAME. Please note that only few CRM Intgeration functionalities can be implemented using this method.

Following diagram explain container approach for integration

Container page can be hosted on CRM domain or any other domain. This method can be used provided CRM design allows opening in an IFRAME within a container page.

Jodo Message switch is a JavaScript implemented in the Container Page. It listens to events from Jodo platform and processes those events. Depending on the event, a target CRM page action / function is called in IFrame.  The CRM processes actions with Jodo event data triggers and populates CRM information fields. 

Similarly, messages received from CRM can be forwarded to Jodo as triggers as well.

Jodo exposes the methods for User Login, Make Call, Answer Call, Hold / Unhold Call, End Call, Change Status etc.

Jodo Events such as New Call Received, Call Ended, Call placed on Hold, Call Retrieved from Hold, User Status Change are passed to CRM along with user metadata. CRM should process these events and populate relevant information on the page.

Single Sign On with 3rd party applications can be achieved using Jodo Token or CRM Token. Jodo can implement CRM Token validation provided CRM provides API for token validation.