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Click on the CRM from the left-hand navigation menu in Jodo toolbar, you’ll be directed to the CRM Page.

Here, you can add new customers by clicking the “Add Customer” card and edit existing ones by clicking the edit icon on each customer card.

When you click  on “Add Customer,” opens up a dedicated screen where users can input various details into the CRM form. Once they’ve entered information such as the customer’s name, contact details, and any other relevant data, they simply need to click the “Save” button to add the new customer.

To manage your data effectively, Jodotoolbar offers filtering options. Users can filter customer data based on criteria such as last name, first name, or customer number. Simply select the desired filter criteria from the dropdown menu, enter the filter value, and click “Apply” to refine the displayed data accordingly.

User can also add multiple filters for advanced data refinement. Users can simply click on the “Add” icon to add a new filter. From there, they can select the desired fields and corresponding values to filter the data.

You can define fields for the form in the Jodo services settings under Client Information Form/CRM.