Call Outcomes

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To configure “Call outcomes”:

Jodo Services setting < Configure < Call Outcomes

In the Call Outcomes module, there are two main choices: Status and Next Action. First, let’s talk about the Status part. Click on “Add Status,” and you can make a new status for your call outcomes. Just type in the status name you want, then click “Save” to add it to your list of statuses.

This simple method enables you to swiftly add personalized status options, effectively organizing your call outcomes.

Moving on to the Next Action section, the process is similarly straightforward. Click on “Add Next Action” to create a new action for your call outcomes. Here, you have two options to further specify your next action: adding the action itself and selecting the action type. After defining these details, hit “Save” to include the new next action in your list.

In short, these steps make it easy for users to handle call outcomes in the Call Outcomes module. You can customize and organize statuses and next actions to manage your calls more efficiently.