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You can configure Product:

Jodo services setting < Configure < Product

The product module lets users add their company’s products and set the product profile. To add a product click on the Add Product/Services. 

You can set profile picture for the product and also give product name as shown in the highlighted image below.

Moreover, the rich text editor offers advanced formatting options, including bold, italic, and bullet points, allowing users to create engaging and informative product descriptions.


You can set the status of a product, indicating whether it is active or inactive.

You have to provide product code for the product. The input field for product codes supports alphanumeric characters, ensuring compatibility with various coding systems and conventions used by different industries. 

Similarly, the unit price input box accommodates both fixed and variable pricing structures, catering to diverse pricing strategies employed by businesses.

In the “Associated Teams”  section, users can give particular roles and permissions to team members, making teamwork and managing tasks easier.

The “Attachment” feature allows you to include various file types like documents, images, and videos, making it easy to create detailed product documentation and marketing materials.

Select “Add file” to upload a file.

You can input the file name and choose the file type. You also have two ways to add a file:

1. Upload a file link
2. Upload a file from your computer

In the attachment section, you can use the “Languages” option to add translated versions of product stuff. This helps support people who speak different languages around the world.

The “Departments” section lets users organize attachments according to different parts of the organization, making it easier to find and stay organized.

In the “Products” section, users can explore and choose from a carefully selected list of related products, making it easier to promote additional sales opportunities within the platform.

Within the “Business Market” tab, users will find an “Add” button icon. Clicking on this icon opens a new page presenting various options such as “Add Region,” “Country” dropdown, “State” dropdown, “City” dropdown, and an additional “Add Region” button. 

Upon entering the necessary details, users can save the information by clicking on the “Finish” button. This allows users to add regions, countries, states, and cities. Additionally, clicking on the “Add Region” button enables users to include further regions as needed. This feature provides users with a convenient way to manage and expand their business market territories efficiently.

lastly click on the “finish” button to save the product.