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You can configure library :

Jodo Services setting <  Configure < Library

This easy-to-use interface makes it simple to add files to the library. It also gives you clear choices to customize things like language, department, and product details.

When you click on the library, a new module will open, initiating the “Add File” function. Upon clicking “Add File,” another module will open, presenting multiple options to choose from.

In this module, you’ll find an input box for the file name, another for the file type, and radio buttons allowing you to select between linking to a file or uploading one directly.

Additionally, a navigation bar will be visible, offering three main options: “Languages,” “Department,” and “Products.”

Under the “Languages” section, you’ll find checkboxes for selecting the desired language. 

In the “Department” section, checkboxes will be available to specify which department the file relates to.

Finally, under “Products,” you can view and select the relevant product.

Once all necessary selections have been made, you can proceed by clicking the “Finish” button to complete the process