Jodo Digital FAQ

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Which are the languages supported by Jodo?

Jodo supports many Indian and foreign languages. Currently, 19 languages are included of which 4 are foreign languages: These are French, Spanish, Arabic & Mandarin

Where are the recordings stored?

By default, recordings are stored in Jodo Cloud, if you wish to store recordings in your own storage servers then you can do so. If you create distributed nodes for multiple country operations, you can store recordings for regions in their local countries/regions to comply with local data privacy laws. This is a standard feature of Jodo.

Who can hear the recording?

Jodo design has a system of user creation and user rights assignment as part of the design feature. All the users who have these rights will be able to retrieve and hear the recordings. Jodo has a Quality Module which allows users to retrieve the recordings using different filters and rate the agents for the calls

What is the subscription model?

Subscription is generally monthly payments. However, we have plans with different rates based on contract periods and payment schedules.

Is there a separate maintenance cost involved or is it covered in the license cost?

As jodo is a cloud solution, you do not have to pay anything extra for maintenance. We ensure that you get to use the latest software version at all times. We inherit the latest updates and benefits without any charge for internal team investment in terms of project planning and management. Additionally, your teams globally get updated simultaneously

Can you do a POC for us?

We do not do POC, however, we have trial/demo accounts that you can be used to understand the work which is offered for a 1-week or 15 days period, customers have to sign an NDA to opt for the Trial accounts

Can we have multiparty conferencing?

We support 3 party conferences. However, if multiparty conferencing is required, we can integrate with multiple conferencing platforms if required

Can we customize the call flow?

Jodo provides ready Templates for menu-based call flows, it also has a GUI-based Call Flow Designer module which can be opted for by customers to design their own flows.
Jodo is an API-driven platform and can be customized as per workflows - media, device, language, and location-based actions are configurable in the workflows
Webhook help customizes and integrated workflow. Data can be pushed to different business applications and various work flows can be trigerred

Do have an interface for WhatsApp / Can you integrate with WhatsApp?

Whatsapp / Skype/zoom / Webex are additional communication channels in Jodo like we have PSTN media, jodo call jodo video, jodo chat, etc., and can be integrated with Jodo

In your Video KYC process, do you do an OCR validation of the photo of Adhaar / PAN?

OCR validation can be done through add-on integrations/efforts. Jodo offers webhooks & APIs for integration.

How is Adhaar validation done in the VideoKYC process?

Adhaar validation can be done through add-on integrations/efforts. Jodo offers webhooks & APIs for integration.

Does your VideoKYC process have face recognition / built-in AI to compare the photo captured with the photo on the PAN / Adhaar card ?

Adhaar validation can be done through add-on integrations /efforts. Jodo offers webhooks & APIs for integration.

Is a UC platform built-in in Jodo?

One of the components of Jodo is UC. Jodo is browser-based - it is not an app and gives you chat, voice & video, email & social media all in one browser. It also offers media interoperability. Additionally, Jodo is multi-lingual

What is Jodo? Is it a product or a solution with APIs, connectors

Jodo is a unified communication platform(Product) and a Business Management framework, it is fundamentally developed as API - all front-end applications in Jodo are built using Jodo API. Jodo can also be consumed by developers as Jodo API across websites, e-commerce, and business applications. Jodo has connectors for consumption and integration with some business applications

Is Jodo omnichannel?

Yes, Jodo is Omni-channel and supports multiple channels of communications, Jodo is designed to handle PSTN, Digital Channels (Video, Voice, and Chat), SMS, Social Media + Email. Jodo is additionally Multi-lingual. Jodo offers full media interoperability across channels. In India, there are restrictions for the interconnection of digital and PSTN channels - TRAI regulations.

We use XYZ CRM …. Do you have connectors for this CRM?

We can do simple screen pop integration with mostly all web-based CRM Platforms, deeper integrations are done using APIs by client developers, Avhan has standard documentation for API consumption and support to client developers

Our chatbot and live chat are managed through another vendor. Will you be able to integrate?

Jodo can be integrated with multiple platforms - you can use your existing chatbot / live chat & use Jodo Voice/video to initiate direct calls with dispersed employees

Can you take IVR voice inputs instead of numbers i.e. do a voice-to-text / speech recognition?

Jodo supports speech recognition and is easily integrated with different Speech engines (Nuance, Amazon Lex, Siri, Google)

In doc push, where will the document shared by the customer be stored?

Documents shared by the customer will get stored in the storage path mapped for the process or can be pushed to the business application platform
Further customization can be done so that each process has a designated storage path and you can further define subfolders for each customers with encryption options

How do you handle calls coming after office hours?

Calls during non-working hours can be handled in multiple ways.
1. Customers can leave a voice message.
2. Customer can leave call requests or details on the callback form
This can be automated the next day to initiate calls to customers automatically based on the callback date and time
The customer will be given a callback form. These callbacks will be distributed to team members available or defined as per relationship mapping logic

How is the security handled in the Jodo Platform?

Jodo is a fully secured platform and all transactions are passed over an HTTPS protocol. Jodo encrypts critical information while storing in the database eg. Passwords, credit card information, Identification card information, etc. Jodo already has VAPT Tests being done.

What platform does Jodo run on?

Jodo is a software platform.
OS: Linux & Window
Media Server: Asterisk, Aculab
Database: MySQL Server
Web Server / Application Server: Apache 2, Apache Tomcat

Can I deploy part or all of the Jodo media on my enterprise architecture - if so, do you have a definitive list of enterprise platform deployment prerequisites?

Jodo is a Unified Communication platform and it supports different media of communication (Voice, Video, Chat, Email, Social Media), Jodo is deployed on a Virtualized Platform and we offer different options of Deployment (Public/Private Cloud or deployment in Customer Data Center), our Pre-sales team will share the specs based on the # of users. A customer has to provide Virtual machines for deployment as per the specs.

Can you list the exact CRM systems the Jodo platform and solutions are compatible with?

Jodo Cloud has pre-built connectors/APIs to integrate with any 3rd Party CRM/Database, it has already been integrated with MsDynamics, SalesForce, Leadsquare, TALISM, CRMNext, and Kapture.