Jodo reports

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The Jodo report is an administrative access tab.


  • The Jodo Report module provides an easy-to-use interface for retrieving standard reports as well as customized reports using the filter criteria provided below :

 Agent range, Dialer range, Data range, CRM range, Chat range, Email range, Digital range, Social range, SMS range, 

Generate Reports assists the Supervisor in retrieving all types of reports from the report module.

Existing Reports contain all generated reports organized by date range. The Supervisor can access all historical data via reports in the existing report module.


Steps to generate the scheduled reports:

Step 1: Click on the report you want to schedule on the Home page.

Step 2:Click on the generate report

Step 3:A window will pop up asking for all the details.

Step 4:Select report type “Scheduled” and fill in all the required information asked.

Step 5:Click on generate and the required report will be fetched.

All the scheduled reports can be seen Under the Scheduled Reports tab on the left-hand side of the Report Module.


Agent Login Summary provides us with detailed information about the Agent’s logged-in Date, Login Id, and Name.

It shows the Agent’s login time, his/her logout time, Total time the Agent was logged in.

It also provides the Total call count handled by the Agent.