Jodo Digital Introduction

Author: Isha More 4151 views

Jodo Digital is an easy-to-integrate cloud framework that brings the power of live communication to your websites, eCommerce portals, business apps, and more.

The customer uses the Jodo widget available on the website to initiate the chat/voice/video. The Jodo provides interoperability between chat, voice, and video. By default, all voice calls are recorded for quality and audit purposes. Jodo monitors both customer and users bandwidth and in case of network issues, the voice call will be converted to a chat to ensure fluent communication and can be converted to voice again after the bandwidth is  in normal state. Jodo helps to collabs existing businesses and make them more real time, for any assistance the screen share is provided and the customer and agent can share documents using the attachment button via doc-push in real time.

User interface via which communicate with the customer via voicevideo, and chat is called as Jodo toolbar. Agents choose the status based on the situation, the status shows the duration in which the agent is currently in. The process name from which the customer initiated the conversation is visible to the agent.They can also see the bandwidth of the customer’s internet in the call info tab. The media control tab on the agent’s screen allows the agent to control the communication between the customer and the agent, with options such as “End session,” “End,” “Call,” “Video,” “Image,” “Share Screen,” and so on. When a customer initiates a call, the agent and the customer can share their screens to find a quick solution to the problem.

 Once the chat is initiated, agent can share documents with the customer using the library as well as the attachment pin available in the chat.  Jodo connect the calls to suitable internal/outsourced agents based on language proficiency, skills and processes. 

The agent follows a script that outlines how to begin a conversation with the customer. A video call can also be initiated from both sides to do document verification, or KYC. We can integrate a CRM that will show the details in the web-form. The agent can use integrated third-party applications if required. When the chat, voice, or video is finished, the agent selects the disposition, i.e., the reason for the call.