Jodo Online

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The Jodo Online Monitoring module  provides the supervisor with a real-time online overview of all field operations carried out by the user.


The Jodo Online allows supervisor to change the status of the User. If the user has been in the break state for an extended period of time, the supervisor has the authority to change the status and return him to the ready condition.

To change the status of the user, supervisor have to select the user first.

Team Messaging enables the supervisor to communicate with an internal team member. When they are on the call, the supervisor can guide the user by message and can also resolve the user’s questions.

Card views are useful for changing the UI look of a card form. The layout can be designed in accordance with the supervisor.

Delete: The Delete option assists the supervisor in removing unneeded boxes.
Edit: The Edit option allows you to change the box setup in real-time.
Export: If the supervisor wants to save the layout box on his device, the export option is available.

The supervisor has complete control over creating a layout by adding it via ADD Layout. He can then edit the layout to meet his needs using the EDIT Layout option.
Any unneeded layout can be removed using the DELETE  Layout option.