Company settings

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In the company settings you can set up the company profile.

To access company settings :

Jodo services setting > Company settings (Click on the Company setting tab)

You can now set your company logo using the edit function in the logo tab. This logo will also appear on your Jodo Link.

Besides the logo, you can add your company name.

Additionally, users can select the country, state, and city from dropdown menus, providing a convenient way to set the geographical location. They can also input the zip code and manually fill in the address fields, including Address 1 and Address 2, for precise location details.

Below the location settings, there’s a department tab where users can manage departments within the company. Existing departments are displayed with options to delete or edit them. Clicking on the edit button allows users to modify department details, while the delete icon removes departments as needed. Moreover, users can add new departments by clicking on the “Add Department” card, which opens a popup window. In this window, users can input the department name and save it to add the department to the list.

After configuring all necessary settings, users can save their changes by clicking the save button, ensuring that the company settings are updated accordingly. This intuitive interface streamlines the process of customizing company details, providing users with clear options for managing departments and location information effectively.