Custom Configuration

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Within the Custom Configuration card, users have the option to enable or disable various features related to callback request forms, appointment URLs, customer forms, and welcome forms

If the callback request form is enabled, users can select either a callback form or specify an appointment URL. For the appointment URL, users can input the desired URL. Additionally, users can choose to enable or disable the customer form. If enabled, users can select Jodo CRM for further customization. Similarly, users can enable or disable the welcome form.

Similarly, users can enable or disable the welcome form. If enabled, users can configure the welcome form, which is a subset of fields found in the customer form, such as mobile number, personal number, and first name.

Users can also select the widget trigger type, either auto-start or custom, and specify the widget starting time, with a maximum limit of 300 seconds.

Once all details are configured, users can save their settings to apply the changes effectively. 


This streamlined process offers users comprehensive control over customizing and managing various forms and features within the Jodo platform.