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Transfer your email marketing – Turn every email into a live conversation with jodoLinks.

Watch the video to know more 

Step 1:- jodo Link TRANSFORMS Email Marketing – Emails with jodo Link start LIVE Calls and video connections between customers globally and business employees

Step 2:- Use Jodo Link in any email marketing platform and start Jodo DIGITAL communications. 

Step 3:-Simply Add jodoLink in email campaigns, email recipients can now talk directly with you from INSIDE your email, without any phones or telecom equipment

Step 4:- ADD Jodolink in your email signature or add it to email content or graphic images and start doing business directly across the world.

Step 5:- Jodo Digital communications can be initiated from any device. There are no Toll-Free or long distance costs in global business operations

Step 6:-Clicking on a jodo Link URL opens a jodo Link webpage page automatically. Each jodo link is unique and opens a subscriber’s page. 

Step 7:- Jodolink webpage allows customers to start a voice call, video call, or a chat securely with the subscriber business and supports share screens + document sharing functionality for D2C business operations

Step 8:- With jodo, you can start a LIVE video call to create highly personalized business relationships.