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In “User” module, Administrator will able to add and edit users.

You can access user module :

Jodo services settings > Users

On Click of user module, all the users linked to the organization will be shown.

A user can Add a new user or can edit an existing one.

If you want to create a new user, just click on “Create new user”.

Then you will have options include uploading a profile image, editing your name, and accessing tabs labeled “About” and “Location”. Additionally, there are input boxes where you can enter your designation, email address, and provide information about yourself.

Within the tabs, you’ll find categories such as contacts, department, working hours, languages spoken, and access type. 

The “Contacts” tab allows you to add contact details such as a phone number.

In the “Departments” section, you’ll find various options for selecting different departments. Simply click on the one you’re interested in to make your selection

“Working Hours” section, you’ll find a button labeled “Manage Working Hours.” Clicking on this button will open a dialogue box where you can see several options, including Time Zone, Start Time, End Time, and checkboxes to select working days. After filling in the details, you can click the “Save” button to apply the changes. Additionally, there is a “Cancel” button to close the dialogue box without saving any changes.

In the “Languages” section, you can choose any language you prefer. By default, the language you selected during login is displayed with a star in the top right corner. Then, you can select multiple languages by clicking on them.

In the “Access Type” section, there is a checkbox with two options: “Administrator” and “User”. This allows you to change roles for the users involved in the process.

In the Location Section, users are presented with fields to input their details, including Country, State, City, Zip code, Address 1, and Address 2.

Country, State, and City values can be selected from dropdown menus, which are populated based on filters set as follows:

  1. i) State options are filtered based on the country selected.
  2. ii) City options are filtered based on the state selected.

The location button displays a dialog box that enables users to either set their address to their current live location or search and set the address based on the map search location option.