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JodoLink offers a unique URL solution that can be used to start secure D2C voice, video & chat interactions with your customers – Globally.

JodoLink transforms business communications (as you know it currently). With JodoLink Start live conversations from:

Emails & Email signatures
Social media posts
QR codes
Videos & banner ads – make them instantly interactive
Presentations, Documents, Application & Forms
ChatBots on websites & messengers like Whatsapp, Telegram, & Signal
SMSs, Chats, and many more

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To subscribe to any of our services directly you can visit our  store ( & click on “Get Started”
For help during subscription click here (subscription video/ppt)

Jodo is browser driven and a user does not need any specific app or device to get started. Any smart device, an internet connection, and a browser are all that is required to get going! You have the flexibility to choose any browser: all standard browsers like Chrome,  Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Android are supported. 

The user interface to log in to jodo is called the Jodo toolbar. You will receive calls within the toolbar. From here, you will be able to chat, start a video call, share documents, and files, share your screen, or view the customer’s screen too. The toolbar provides you insights on the customer’s location, bandwidth, device, etc. helping you to make your conversation contextual and meaningful.
As a user, you will be able to access records of your customer interactions via the media traffic tab in the toolbar. A summary of your calls in a working day is viewed in the dashboards.
First-time users will have to set up their jodoLink profile. This is done from Jodo Services accessed via a tab in the jodoToolbar. Kindly note that job services are accessible only to the admin. Users can set or edit their profile by clicking on their user name in the toolbar. 
JodoServices: This is the tool to set up, edit and invite users. To begin the journey 
1.) Set up the company profile  – Add your company name and logo – this information will also be used in your jodoLink URL 
2.) Set location details 
3.) Configure User details – Here you can add your profile picture and define the alias to be used in the job link. Please note that your alias can be set only once and changing the alias modifies the job link
4.) Edit / Add user – Here you can make changes and set profiles of existing users or invite new users to jodoLinks 
5.) Configure other processes and save – Jodo offers you the choice to create your own templates for customer forms, welcome forms and callback forms, and quick emails. The welcome form and callback form are accessed via the Advanced settings 
6.) Customer form: Jodo has an integrated CRM called the customer form.  You can create your own CRM template by choosing from the various fields offered in the CRM.  
7.) Advanced setting –  Welcome form and callback form are accessed via the Advanced settings. If you wish to display a welcome form to capture customer information at the start of a call, you must enable the welcome form in this section. Also, if you would like to have information about any customer call that you may have missed, you need to enable the callback form. Welcome form and callback will be displayed to the customer only and only if they are enabled in the advanced settings  
8.) Jodo Reports – JodoLink offers 2 reports: a) Link page report which provides records of all call details b) Call back report which gives you a summary of the callbacks that were set in the specified period. The reports can be generated on demand or scheduled for generation at the desired time. 
9.) FAQs – For any other queries on jodoLinks, please refer to our FAQs
10.) jodoLink customer interface/widget – The customer will click on your jodoLink shared with them to start a direct voice-video conversation with you. The customer interface, that is the JodoLink widget, offers 2 themes – you can set your theme in Jodo Services. To learn more about the customer journey click here (widget video/ppt)