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Embed jodoLinks in QR codes to enable your customers to start direct voice, video calls with you.

Step 1:- Attach Jodo Link to QR codes and start LIVE Conversations with your business. You can start Direct to Customer business globally in minutes.

Step 2:- When you scan the QR code it will connect with your business user on live chat, voice, or video calls.

Step 3:- Scanning the QR code opens a jodo Link webpage page on your device. Each jodo link is unique and opens a subscriber’s page.

Step 4:- Jodo link page allows your customers to start a voice call, video call, or a chat securely with the subscriber and supports share screens + document sharing functionality

Step 5:-  Jodo Communications are location-driven, you can identify the location of your customer in real-time 

Step 6:-With Jodo, you can now start Direct to Customer Business operations, Globally in minutes …… Take a FREE trial NOW