Add New Project request

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Whenever a new preview management request is to be made, we use Add button from Preview
Management screen. Here we first select Organization, Process status and media, accordingly
we select processes from first list.
Now we provide important parameters in session details section i.e Allocation type
User or Session. If it is a User then particular User will be allocated. if it is a Session
then we need to provide additional parameter that is distribution parameters such as
Evenly distribute or Batch Distribute.

Preview Management Image
Process NameProcess name will automatically appear after selecting the process from the preview management list.
Session StatusSession status has the options such as Active/Inactive/All.
Allocation TypeAllocation type defines what should be allocated, i.e to particular User or a Session. if is a session, then select one more option i.e Distribution method-> either Evenly distribution or batch distribution.
ACD TypeACD is Automatic Call Dialing type, which has two options ACD Abandoned and ACD Callback request.
Allocate buttonAllocate button is used to to allocate the new request after selecting all the required parameters from current screen.