Email Account

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Email account details and privileges are configured in system configuration – email account
Email server for inbound email’s, outbound email’s is configured here
User Id’s for email configuration is also saved here and then further its associated to processes with email rights

Field NameDescription
Account TypeAllows to define type of email account that is Outbound Email Account or Inbound Email Account
ActiveShows all the active Email Accounts
InactiveShows all the inactive Email Accounts
AllShows all the defined Email Accounts
AddIt allow the user to create new Email Account
SearchUser can enter the Account name and search
Email IdThis displays the Email Id of the Email Account
Email ServerThis displays the mapped Email Server
User IdThis displays the user Id accociated to the Email account
ViewIt will list the details of the selected Email Account
EditAllows to Edit the existing Email Account
Save AsMake a copy of existing Email Account and save it with a different name
View ProcessAllows to view the process to which the Email Account is mapped
OrganizationThis allows the user to view the organizations or processes associated to a particular email account. User can associate or dissociate any organization from a particular email account
DeleteAllows to delete the configured Email account