Voice-Wise Filtration to Retrieve Recording

Author: TeamJodo 241 views

Voice tab allows to select the call type to be a part of the filter and recordings for the specific call type can be extracted.

Call TypeQA can retrieve Recording based on call type like call-back call ,Abandoned call ,Manual call etc.
Call DurationQA can defined the call duration to retrieve recording. For E.g.:-if QA needs to retrieve Recording of all those agents whose call duration are 60 sec
AddPost selection of Call Type click on Add button which will display selected Call Type in selected criteria window.
Selected criteriaSelecting Criteria display all the fields which are added if any one fields needs to be removed from it than we need to check that field and click on remove button.
Filter NameDefine a Filter Name which will be a template defined for the selection criteria and can be used in future to retrieve the recordings of the same filter.
Data Display TemplateIt gives an option to select the Data Display Template which will display all the fields which are selected For Eg:-Agent Name Duration of Talking Time Wrap-Up Time Agent extension All Fields will be viewed while generating Recording