Quality Analysis Review Template

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This helps the users to define the score card for the agents and rate the agents on the recordings

ActiveShows all the active Quality Analysis templates.
InactiveShows all the inactive Quality Analysis templates.
AllShows all the Quality Analysis templates.
Template NameIt will List down all the created Template Name. It acts as a searching Criteria.
AddIt allow the user to create new Quality Analysis Template.
SearchUser can enter the template name and search the template.
ViewIt will list down created Quality Analysis Template name.
EditAllows to Edit the existing Template.
Save AsMake a copy of existing Template and save it with a different name.
View ProcessAllows to view the process to which the Quality Analysis template is mapped.
View OrganizationThis allows the user to view the organizations or processes associated to a particular template. User can associate or dissociate any organization from a particular template.
DeleteAllows to delete the configured Quality Analysis template.