Disposition Template Page

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Use of disposition template is as follows

Disposition Template is created and assigned to processes during process configuration stage.

Dispositions are used to save a call. Based on the nature of the call and the conversation between the customer and the agent the calls can be saved.

These dispositions can be predefined by using the disposition template window.

Field Description
Active Allows to Add Event
Inactive Shows the Event name
All Displays all Templates available.
Search User can enter the name of Disposition and search the templates
Add Click on Add Button to create new Templates.
View It will list the dispositions created in the selected template
Edit Allows to Edit the existing Template
Save As Make a copy of existing Template and save it with a different name.
View Process Displays the processes allocated to the template
Organization This allows the user to view the organizations or processes associated to a particular template. User can associate or dissociate any organization from a particular template.
Delete Delete the template.