IVR Template

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IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, a technology that automates routine customer service interactions by allowing callers to interact using touch tone digits or their voice.
A basic example of an IVR application is an automated attendant or voice menu: callers are presented with a recorded menu and respond by selecting a digit or, in some cases, by entering an extension number.
The automated attendant eliminates the need for a live operator to handle the call.
IVR systems can easily support multiple languages, allowing business to service international markets abroad and multi-lingual customers at home.
IVR template is created and assigned to process in order to automate a routine, repetitive call that would otherwise require the time and effort of an employee.



Field Description
Active Shows all the active IVR templates.
Inactive Shows all the inactive IVR templates.
All Shows all the IVR templates.
Template Name It will List down all the created Template Name. It acts as a searching Criteria.
Add It allow the user to create new IVR Template.
Search User can enter the template name and search the template.
View It will list down created IVR Template name.
Edit Allows to Edit the existing Template.
Save As Make a copy of existing Template and save it with a different name.
View Process Allows to view the process to which the IVR template is mapped.
View Organization This allows the user to view the organizations or processes associated to a particular template. User can associate or dissociate any organization from a particular template.
Delete Allows to delete the configured IVR template.