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Main Purpose of this template is to create queue Skill wise and associate with process
Queue Type such as FIFO, Skill Based can also be defined at the time of creation of queue
Each queue is a set of unique skills in it
Eg: If Queue 1 has Language English then we can’t add English for another queue
Multiple queues can be created for a single process
Call to be transferred is maintained in a particular queue and transferred on availability of agent

Field NameDescription
ActiveDisplays list of active Queue available
InactiveDisplays list of inactive Queue which are not available and disabled
AllDisplays all Queue available both active and inactive
AddAllows to create a new Queue
SearchUser can enter the queue name and search the queue
ViewIt will list the names of the queues created
EditAllows to Edit the existing Queue
Save AsAllows to make a copy of existing Queue and save it with a different name
View ProcessDisplays the processes allocated to the Queue
DeleteAllows to delete the selected Queue