Add Reset CAll List

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Reset Call List is based on the Call Disposition type i.e Telephony Disposition or Agent Disposition. It is used to decide whether a count of calling to a customer should be maintain or make it zero.
If it is RESET, the calling count becomes Zero and that contact is ready to call again by an Agent.
If it Reprocess then count remains at it’s value, and Agent will call the customer based on Calling count.
We can see the list of Reset Call request on the Reset Data Monitor screen. Select the date range and and search, it will show the Reset Call List Screen where List information is displayed. After selecting required fields Session list and Disposition list populates accordingly the selected value. You may select required data from list and proceed further to view the request.

OrganizationOrganization is basically creation of a Tenant and for security purpose which will allow to have different organizations created and process created under organizations and not available to different organizations. It list down all organizations name which are created in Organization tab. Based on selection of organization it will display the process name which are mapped to a particular organization.
Process StatusThis allows to view the process based on its state, Processes have 3 different states All, Current, Past and Future. All:- This Option will display all the Processes created under a organization Current:- It will list the Processes which are currently active Past:- This will display the Processes which are inactive and less than current date Future:- This will display the process which are created but not currently running and created for future dates.
Process NameIt consist of all the processes that are related to Organization.
Process TypeProcess type defines what is the type of request. i.e Reset/Reprocess.
SessionSession defines the type of sessions. i.e Active/Inactive.
Reset Count Less than or Equal toIt defines the number of call list count which is to be Reset.
Call typeIt defines what type of call is set. i.e Callback or Fresh call.
ProcessProcess button is used to get the request information of selected type.