Quality Management

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This module is used to pull out recordings.
Date and Process selection is mandatory.
Recordings of specific users can be pulled out using Group Selection tab.
Parameter tab is used to pull-out a particular recording by entering CLID, DNIS, Extension.



Field Description
Filter Name Displays all the Templates which are created.
Create Date Time Provides information when the Template was created.
Last Accessed Date Time Displays the date when QA Template was last accessed.
Organization Name Display the Organization Name to which the template is associated.
Process Name Displays the Process Name for which the Template is created.
User Name Displays the User name who have Last accessed the Template.
Edit Allows to Edit the existing created Template.
Delete Delete the Template which is created.
From Date Recordings can be searched starting from this selected date.
To Date Recordings can be searched upto this selected date.
Process The user can search recordings associated to a particular process or all processes .

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