Online Overview

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Port SummaryPort Summary Graph shows the number of ports which are busy – utilized by the system and number of ports idle with the system so that idle ports can be utilized. (*Note Clicking on Port summary will direct to the Port Summary Page)
Last RefreshedThe time the data was reloaded on the page.
IdleThese are the number of ports which are not used by the system.
BusyThese are the number of ports which are used by the system.
QueueQueue drop down allows to select the queue for which the information needs to be displayed.
Process ACDAutomatic Call Distributor is termed as Process ACD. It shows the information of all the calls handled by the ACD. (*Note Clicking on Process ACD will direct to the Process ACD Page)
Total Process ACD CountsTotal Calls offered are the number of total calls came in the ACD.
Total Calls OfferedIn Call Offered: Total inbound call counts . Out call offered: Total outbound call done
Total Calls AnsweredIn call Answered: Total inbound call answered to the inbound call hits. Out call Answered: Total outbound call answered to the outbound call done.
Agent InformationAgent Information Graph shows the details of the Agents in the selected process. (*Note Clicking on Agent Information will direct to the Agent Information Page)

Online Overview gives a graphical view of all the agent activities.
It shows the Port Summary graph, Process ACD Graph, and Agent Information Graph on real-time basis.
This information is refreshed every 2 seconds in order to give the exact overview of all the processes and their users.