Edit Script Template Field Group Page

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Field Description
ADD It allows the user to Add multiple field names inside the created Group name.
Edit It allows the user to Edit the Field names.
Field Name It allows the user to create their own fields name by selecting either of 2 options. Customer data:- User can use this option to create its own field name. Contact:-For contact user needs to select this option to add number by selecting predefined fields from the contact list Like:- Mobile Number. Personal number ,official number etc. It allow the user to define the Field name.
Field Caption It allow user to define what type of Field it can be. For Eg:- Customer Name than its Display Type can be Text-box
Display Type Address tab its Display Type can be Text-Area as it allows more characters to enter. Date:- Display Type can be Date Picker For multiple Choice user can use Display Type as Check box.
Data Type Based on the Display Type of field user needs to select the Data Type this provides an validation to fields. Like All characters:- it accepts only Characters Alpha Numeric:- it accepts Character and Number Boolean:- it accepts True or False value Date & Time:- it accepts date and Time. * indicates mandatory field.
Field Size It allow user to define Size of Field For Eg:- Field Name:-Mobile Number Display Type:- Text-Box Data Type:-Numeric Field Size 11 so it restrict Agent to Enter more than 11 number * indicates mandatory field.
Move up It allows the user to arrange the created field name in ascending and descending order
Move down just by clicking on move up -down arrow.
Group Display the name of Group in which fields is created.