Voice Redial Template

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The use of Voice Redial template is to define the number of attempts and the redial timing for the dialler dispositions, multiple templates can be defined based on the requirement and can be mapped to process. E.g. – No answer – 3 attempts, redial at a duration of 30 mins, Busy – 6 Attempts, redial at a duration of 15 mins

ActiveShows all the active voice redial templates.
InactiveShows all the inactive voice redial templates.
AllShows all the configured voice redial templates.
AddAllows to add new voice redial template in the system.
Template nameShows the name of the template.
Call backIndicates if the call redial attempts are also defined under the particular template.
ViewAllows to view the details of the configured voice redial template.
EditAllows to edit the configured Voice Redial template.
Save AsAllows to make a copy of pre configured Voice Redial template.
View ProcessAllows to view the process to which the Voice Redial template is mapped.
View OrganizationThis allows the user to view the organizations or processes associated to a particular template. User can associate or dissociate any organization from a particular template.
DeleteAllows to delete the configured Voice Redial template.