Import New Data

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Field Description
Organization Organization is basically creation of a Tenant and for security purpose which will allow to have different organizations created and process created under organizations and not available to different organizations. It list down all organizations name which are created in Organization tab. Based on selection of organization it will display the process name which are mapped to a particular organization
Process This is option of the process name in which the processes will appear.
Session This is the option of Session status such as Active/Inactive.
Media Media is a definition of different modules available in JODO Cloud, the different media available are Voice-IN, Voice-Out, Email and CHAT, It provided search criteria on Media which are associated to the Processes.For Eg:- if Voice -in and Voice -out Media is associated to a Process it will display all the Processes which are associated with this media
File Source File source is the option where you can find your data file. i.e either from FTP server or browse in system.
Data File Data file is the new Data file which is to be imported.
Field Map Template Field map template is used to display the required field in imported data list.
Column Delimiter Column delimiter is used to delimit the column.
Duplicate Check It is used to check the duplicate entries in data import based on various parameters.
Start Import Start Import button is used to start the import of new data file.